Fees Calculator

Grade Textbook Rent Scheme Teaching Resources Levy Sport Levy Excursion Graduation Levy Total Annual Levies Tuition Fee Action

1. Tuition Fees and Levies will be changed from year to year. Few curriculum activities/ competitions are not included in the levies structure above and the charges will be collected from the students during the year subject to the optional given and student subject selection.
2. No Sibling discount on the first child or child in the highest grade. 10.5% Sibling discount only eligible from the 2nd Child to the youngest Child per family who study at our College.
3. The School year is divided into four terms. The tuition fees for Year 12 students will be invoiced and payable during the first three terms of their academic year. Fees for all other Year Levels will be invoiced and payable at the beginning of each of the four terms.
4. Tuition Fee and Levy Statements to be sent out by fortnightly basis before the school term begin. Fee accounts due at the second weeks of each term. Follow up call will be made from the office for unpaid accounts after the due date.

5. Direct debit is the preferred fortnightly payment plan. Please contact our office if you wish to set up this method of payment. Other payment options available include Payment Gateway via Parent Lounge, BPAY, Cash, EFTPOS and Credit Card.
6. Parents/ guardians are invited to make a voluntary donation to the Building Fund to assist the construction of facilities that do not receive funding assistance from the government.
7. New Enrolment: To reserve place of your children in our college, $230 enrolment fee is payable at the final stage. $230 enrolment fee is non-refundable if enrolment is cancelled.