ICB provides Wi-Fi for all students and staff. To connect to Wi-Fi on your computer or mobile device, follow the instructions for the operating system you use.
All traffic is monitored and recorded. Usage requires that a security certificate is installed on your device. Please download and install the certificate on your device. You only have to do this once.

If you do not have this certificate installed when using ICB's WiFi, you may not be able to access websites and get privacy error.


STEP 1: Select a wifi network
  1. Select WiFi Network   in the tasbar at the bottom right of your screen. win10-wifi-icon
  2. Choose one of the student network you want to connect to and enter the WiFi key (it's in your email) and make sure ‘Connect automatically’ is ticked.
  3. Click on Connect


STEP 2: Enter your username and password (only student number and pasword you use to login computer at ICB)



STEP 3: Install the certificate
  1. Click here to download the certificate
  2. Continue to accept the certificate.



Please download and install the certificate on your device.

First download this file and install
Then this file to be installed
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