College Sports

Our College philosophy of sport stems from both our deep appreciation of the connection between physical activity and the holistic nature of Islamic education as well as the significance of sport to our shared socio-cultural context in Australia.  Our College views sport as a means of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Our students engage in a wide variety of sporting endeavor so as to embody Islamic principles and values (adab), the sublime character of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) as well the shared values that have become part of Australia’s national identity.  The proud sporting tradition established at out College showcases the infusion of these lofty intentions as well as adding to the ambience of our College community ethos.


Primary Sports

Intra-School Sport

•    Carnivals ( Swimming and Athletics)

Focus Sport

•    Fitness through Gymnastics (Coaching Program Term 2)
•    Athletics (all year round)
•    Basketball (Brisbane Basketball Inc.)
•    Coach Approach
•    Soccer Training Program (Total Football Academy)
•    AFL (AFL Queensland)
•    Swimming Program
•    Skipping  (Jump Rope for Heart)
•    Softball
•    Cross Country (Adidas Fun Run)  
•    After School Sports ( Soccer, Basketball and Touch Football)

Most of the above sports are taught by dedicated and professional coaches who bring a great deal of excitement and inspiration for our young sports enthusiasts.


Secondary Sports