College Fees

While the school provides an education of high quality, the tuition fees are kept to the lowest possible level so that our children are not deprived of the opportunity to benefit from the school. Careful budgeting on the part of the administration allows the school to run its affairs despite keeping the fees well below those charged by other private schools. It is the parents' duty to ensure fees are paid on time, and any reason for delay in payment is communicated to the Principal in writing.

ALL OF THE FEES MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE IN FULL FOR THE YEAR, SEMESTER OR TERM. Building Fund must be paid by 30 June for tax deduction.

Periodical payment of direct debit makes it easier for the payment of fees. This can be arranged through your bank and the school. Please contact the office and your bank if you need to use this method of payment. EFTPOS is available at the school so please take advantage of this facility.

The schedule of fees to be paid by students at different year levels is as follows :

GradeYear FeesIf pay the fees in advance*
Preparatory Year $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 1 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 2 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 3 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 4 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 5 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 6 $2,080 $1,913.60
Grade 7 $2,310 $2,125.20
Grade 8 $2,310 $2,125.20
Grade 9 $2,310 $2,125.20
Grade 10 $2,600 $2,392
Grade 11 $2,600 $2,392
Grade 12 $2,600 $2,392

 Payment Options:

  1. Cash, Cheque, Eftpos and Credit Card in the administration office
  2. Credit Card over the phone
  3. Bank transfer:
    Account Name: Islamic College of Brisbane BSB: 034-069  Account Number: 116592
    **Please enter your account number as reference number.
  •  Tuition Fee must be paid within the First Two Weeks of each Term, failing which will result in the cancellation of re-enrolment for your child.

Tuition Fee Term 1 – by 3 February 2017
Tuition Fee Term 2 – by 28 April 2017
Tuition Fee Term 3 – by 21 July 2017
Tuition Fee Term 4 – by 13 October 2017

  • Levies must be paid in lump sum by the second weeks of term 1, 3 February 2017.
  • No Sibling discount on the first child or child in the highest grade. 20% Sibling discount only eligible from the 2nd Child to the youngest Child in one family who study at our College.
  • *Upfront payment of Tuition Fee for the whole year – 8% discount by 7 February 2017.
  • Upfront payment of Tuition Fee for the Semester – 4% Discount by 7 February & 21 July 2017)
  • New Students: To reserve place of your children in our college, $250 application fees is required with the enrolment form. $250 application fees are non-refundable if enrolment is cancelled.