Transport - School Bus

The school has contracts with private bus companies to transport our students from their homes to school and back. Transport can be arranged from most suburbs and transport fees will vary according to distance from the school. To arrange for your children's transport please contact us at the school. Bus fares are collected weekly in advance, and all monies must be paid directly to the bus driver.

The school and bus companies are committed to provide safe transportation for your children. Students travelling on School Buses will be supervised by teachers whilst boarding the bus at the school.

The transport is from the student's home to school and back to the student's home. Parents cannot change the pick up or drop off places. No arrangements are to be made with the drivers. At least one week's notice must be given to the school if you are moving to a new address. The school will then inform the Bus Company concerned. Please read carefully and explain to your child the "Code of Conduct" as mentioned in the school's Behaviour Management Plan.

Behaviour on Buses

All students are expected to behave on buses in an appropriate manner so that rules of safety are maintained. They must show respect to the driver, follow his/her instructions and avoid distracting his/her attention. They must remain in their designated seats while travelling and abstain from shouting at people and putting their arms out of windows. More details are provided in the school's Behaviour Management Plan document.