The Enrolment Procedure

The Islamic College of Brisbane only accepts off-shore Student Visa applications.

  1. Initial Application-Part 1
  • Review International Student Enrolment Procedure & Policies on
  • Choose CRICOS Course
  • Contact the School Enrolment Officer for the Enrolment Package
  • Complete the Application for International Student Enrolment Form 2B.
  • Pay the Application Fee ($400 AUD Non-Refundable)


  1. Initial Application - Part 2

Provide the school with the following supporting documentation as well as the application form 2B (these documents must be in English with any translation costs being met by the applicant)

  • Passport ( photo ID page)
  • School reports for the last year ( two semesters)
  • A completed Reference Form from the student’s current or most recent College Principal is also required if student Report Cards do not record student behaviour or commitment to studies
  • Immunisation Records

Minimum Academic requirements are as follows:

Students must provide evidence of satisfactory academic performance appropriate to entry to the Year level requested on the International Enrolment Application Form:

  1. a) For Prep - 6:

Evidence of application to College work and age-appropriate achievement in literacy and numeracy areas of the curriculum

  1. b) For Year 7-9 students:

A pass level or “C” grade or above equivalent for the majority of core subjects

  1. c) For Year 11-12

A pass level or “C” grade or above equivalent for the majority of core subjects

  • You will need to provide one of the following with your visa application:
  • evidence of an acceptable English language test score below
  • evidence that you fall within an exempt category



English Language Testing results are below:



Cambridge English

Year 10



Year 11



Year 12



  1. Exempt Category:

If the student is currently at an English Speaking school and can demonstrate their ability to read, write and speak proficient English (a statement from their current school is required).

OR              the student is applying for Prep to Grade 9 (applicants will be administered with ICB’s entrance exam to be written at their current school)

An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above are received by the Enrolment Officer. Assessment procedures include an evaluation of reports from previous schools and of English language proficiency. In cases where report cards are not available or are inconclusive for any reason, the College may require relevant testing of the applicant to assess the application. Islamic College of Brisbane does not offer course credit and entry into any course is subject to the assessment of the school. This also applies to on-shore College transfers, either within the state or from interstate.

  1. Course Credit

Islamic College of Brisbane does not offer course credit and entry into any course is subject to the assessment of the school. This also applies to on-shore College transfers, either within the state or from interstate.

  1. Placement Offer

The Enrolment Officer and Principal will review the enrolment application, reports and the English language results before a place is offered.

Before an offer is made, a Skype or phone interview will be arranged with the applicant and the Deputy Principal.

If a placement is offered, the following documentation will be provided:

  • A Letter of Offer from the school
  • International Enrolment Written Agreement

Parents/Guardians and students are advised to read The ICB Policies located under the international enrolment policy tab on our website:

  1. Accepting the Offer

The following documents and payments should be returned within 10 days of receipt of the Letter of Offer to accept a place at ICB:

  • International Enrolment Written Agreement completed and signed by the parents
  • Enrolment Confirmation Fee ($500 per family)
  • 1 x Semester School Fees (depending on the entering grade)
  • Levies (cost depends on the entering grade)
  • Additional Expenses apply ( Please see International Fees Schedule)
  • Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your stay

Please refer to the refund policy, to determine what fees are refundable if the visa is not granted.

  1. Processing the Offer


After a meeting to review the international policies and the written agreement has been signed, ICB will complete the following document required for the student visa application:

  • electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)

This document will be emailed to the student’s parent/ guardian. The parent can arrange the Student Visa application at a local immigration office or online, The Department of Immigration will require a copy of the students Letter of Offer, eCoE at this stage. Once the visa is approved, the agent or parent/guardian MUST send a copy of the visa to the School’s International Enrolments Officer by email.

  1. Visa Conditions


If you are granted a visa, you must abide by its conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the cancellation of your visa. These conditions include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete the course within the duration specific in the CoE
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress and attendance
  • Maintain approved Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while in Australia
  • Remain with the principal education provider for 6 calendar months, unless issued a letter of release from the provider to attend another institution
  • Notify your training provider of your Australian address and any subsequent changes of address within 7 days or arrival into Australia.

For a full list of mandatory and discretionary student visa conditions please visit


  1. On Arrival

Once settled into your accommodation, contact the school office on 07 3841 3645 to book an orientation with the Head of Welfare and Student Services Officer. The orientation will provide you with information to get you ready for your first day of school. You will also need to provide your current address, emergency contact, OSHC and medical action plan if required. The Head of Welfare will have a follow-up appointment with the student in Week 2 and is available for all welfare & academic needs throughout the course. The Student Services Officer is available for all other general enquiries.