International Students - Fees


Payment and Refund of Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges will apply to overseas students:

 Application Fee $AU 400.00 per student

This fee is payable upon lodgement of the application and is non-refundable.

Enrolment Deposit $AU 500.00 per family

This deposit is payable upon acceptance of a place at the school, and is non-refundable prior to student completing the program of studies enrolled for. If more than one student is enrolling from the same family or if the applicant already has a sibling at the school then only one enrolment deposit is required. The deposit may be claimed for refund upon exiting school (on the completion of program of studies), subject to the terms of the Enrolment Agreement.

Tuition Fees (Per Annum)
Primary school (Prep - Year 6) $8,320.00
Junior secondary (Year 7 - 10) $10,400.00
Senior secondary  (Year 11 & 12) $12,480.00

All fees are payable one Semester in advance.
A place at Islamic School of Brisbane shall not be deemed to be secured until all payments are made to the school. In the case of payment by personal cheque, upon the clearance of that cheque at the bank. All international bank transfer charges incurred will not be covered by the school.
The school shall not issue a Letter of ‘Confirmation of Enrolment for Overseas Student' until all enrolment processes are complete, and all fees are paid.

School Uniform

This expense is separate from the standard Tuition Fee and is payable at the time uniforms are purchased.

Levies and Booklist

These expenses are separate from the standard Tuition Fee and are payable prior to commencement of study.

Sundry Extras Charges

These include charges for activities related to the curriculum in which the overseas student is a participant: QCAA (senior secondary only), camps, sporting events, excursions, incursions etc.
Sundry Extra Charges are payable upon the issue of a statement by the school.

Overseas Student Health Cover

The overseas student health cover is a Compulsory Insurance for all international students that are to be provided prior to enrolment. The period of cover shall normally be twelve (12) months.

The following policies and procedures on refunds apply to overseas students:

a) In the event a student does not commence the course:
Tuition Fees are refunded in full. The Application Fee and the Family Enrolment Deposit are non-refundable.

b) In the event a student commences the course but fails to complete it:
No refund of the current Semester's Tuition Fees will be made. The Application Fee and the Family Enrolment Deposit are non-refundable. 

All refunds will be paid directly, and only to the applicant or to the parents/guardians of the applicant and will be paid in Australian dollars. Fees and Charges will not be refunded through an agency.