International Students - Rules

Student Accommodation

Islamic College of Brisbane will not assist with accommodation arrangements for overseas students.

The College expects the parents of overseas students to support the College in arrangements for the care and support of their child, in a suitable living environment, whilst a student is at the College. Attention is drawn to the requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration and Multi-Cultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) that all accommodation arrangements for students under 18 who are not living with a parent/guardian; or an adult relative; or an adult who is normally resident in Queensland and nominated by a parent/guardian must be approved by the College Principal. Please note that another overseas student who is not a relative does not qualify as an 'adult resident in Queensland.'

Where students are staying in homestay arrangements under the care of adults who are not their parents, carers are required under government legislation in Queensland to hold 'Suitability Cards' which allow them to have the supervision of children.

Students moving to a new address shall inform the College in writing and complete the appropriate forms advising of their new address within 7 days of taking up residence at that new address.

Termination and/or Suspension of Enrolment

Fair, appropriate, and objective measures are employed for the correction and/or discipline of students, including detention, suspension of, and/or termination of enrolment, after each individual case has been carefully considered.

The College authority may suspend or terminate an enrolment at its discretion for failure to comply with the 'Conditions of Entry', or other serious breaches of the College's rules and regulations.

Please see the attached Handbook for further details of the College's Behaviour Management Policy.

Dispute Resolution Policy

The parties have a genuine desire to resolve through the process of negotiation and settlement, grievances or complaints related to the specific course undertaken including issues of a non-academic nature.

In an effort to reach agreement at the lowest level and as quickly as possible the parties agree to implement the following procedure:

The issue shall be discussed initially between the student and immediate supervisor.

If the matter is not resolved at this level it shall be referred to a meeting with the principal and other parties as the principal sees fit.

Where a mutually acceptable arrangement is not arrived at the principal shall set up at an early date a meeting between the following persons:

    * Principal
    * Representative of the College Board (where thought applicable or desireable).
    * The students involved and /or their parents/guardians and legal representatives
    * A member of a relevant professional educational organization (eg. AISQ) and/or the president of the Student Representative Council.

If the matter is not resolved the principal shall formally refer the matter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Education Queensland. The CEO has powers under the Education (Overseas Students) Act to suspend or cancel the registration of a provider or a course.

Students concerned about the conduct of a provider may:

    * Contact officers of the department involved in the administration of the Act.
    * Exercise his/her rights to other legal remedies.

Policy: Accommodation for Unaccompanied Students

Islamic College of Brisbane will accept students in Years 1 to 7 who live in Australia with their parents.

Islamic College of Brisbane will accept secondary College students who either:

    * reside in Australia with a parent, or a person who has custody of them, or a relative aged at least 21 and nominated by either the parent or the person having custody of them; or,
    * provide evidence that they will be going into care arrangements – for their accommodation, support and general welfare – approved by the Islamic College of Brisbane for the course in which they are enrolled.

The carer may be nominated by a parent of the student or a person who has custody of the student. The only persons who may be nominated as carers are relatives of the student who are at least 21 years of age and who are of good character. The carer must also have the right to remain in Australia for the period of the student’s visa, or until the student turns 18 years of age, which ever is the lesser period.

To establish that a nominated carer is of good character, the student will be required to provide evidence of police clearance of the carer in the country or countries in which they have resided for more than 12 months in the past 10 years after the age of 16 (Form 47 P Character Requirements: Police Certificate). The carer will also be required under government legislation in Queensland to hold 'Suitability Cards' which allow them to have the supervision of children.

Islamic College of Brisbane’s – approved care arrangements will remain unchanged ie a signed statement will be given to the Minister (DIMIA) by the education provider for the course in which the applicant is enrolled confirming that appropriate arrangements have been made for the students accommodation, support and general welfare during their stay in Australia until they turn 18.

Islamic College of Brisbane will only approve arrangements that are consistent with the strengthened parent/custodian – approved care arrangements. To confirm appropriate care arrangements, education providers will use the standard letter Education Provider’s Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation/ Welfare for a Student unde 18 Years of Age (PDF 17KB).

If a student under 18 years of age subsequently seeks or is required to change the care arrangements made at the time of visa grant, they must obtain Islamic College of Brisbane’s approval of the proposed new arrangements. To change the care arrangements the standard letter Education Provider’s Approval to Change Accommodation / Welfare Arrangements for a Student under 18 Years of Age (PDF 17KB) will be used by the students or Islamic College of Brisbane.

Transfer to Other Educational Institutions

Islamic College of Brisbane will only enrol a student who has completed another relevant course provided by another registered provider, if it is satisfied that:

    * the student had demonstrated a commitment to studies in the previous course;
    * had a good attendance record for that course; and
    * had paid all fees for the course.

Overseas students wishing to transfer from Islamic College of Brisbane to another educational institution or College will be provided with a 'Letter of Release' detailing attendance, adherence to financial obligations and an assessment of attitude and behaviour whilst a student at Islamic College of Brisbane.

Islamic College of Brisbane will not accept enrolment of an overseas student from another College who has not completed a previous course, unless the student produces a 'Letter of Release' confirming that he has demonstrated commitment to studies, has a good attendance record and has paid all required fees.

Applicants should note that from 1 November 2000, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs applies Condition 8206 to all initial student visas. This condition requires students to remain with the educational provider with whom they originally enrolled for the first 12 months of their course, or, if the course is less than 12 months, for the duration of the course. If the overseas student does wish to change education provider within the first 12 months of their course they need to obtain written approval from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs or where exceptional circumstances exist (eg. education provider ceases operations).

Other Conditions

Enrolment at Islamic College of Brisbane is conditional upon full participation in the complete range of the College curriculum and activities, including those of a specifically religious nature.

All students are required to wear full and correct College uniform during the College day and when travelling to and from College.

Further Information

Further information regarding enrolment of overseas students at Islamic College of Brisbane may be obtained from here.