College-Home Communication

Communication between the school and home is maintained by the following means :

* Letters
* Newsletters

A newsletter is issued fortnightly to all children. It contains details of achievements, requests, forthcoming events, instructions and general advice.

From the Classrooms

From the classrooms parents expect to receive letters, notes and diary entries made by teachers. Specific class letters may also be written and these will include information on and permission for specific class activities, excursions, etc.

Parent Information Days

Parent information days are held early in Term 1 to present an overview of the year level work, proposed year level and/or class activities and individual class teachers' management procedures. This occasion is also used to inform parents about the important policy documents such as Behaviour Management Plan, Child Protection Policy and Complaints Policy.

Interviews (Other)

Specific interviews on other occasions are also organised at times mutually appropriate to the teacher and parents. No interviews will be scheduled during teaching time.

At Risk Reports

Special notifications requesting interviews with parents are arranged if concerns arise over a student's progress or behaviour.